Thursday, 8 December 2016

#TheTalkers: This one is for you!

Dear #TheTalkers..

I need your urgent advice, I met a guy whom I've been dating for 4months now, though he has a girlfriend that he has been "phone dating" for 5years, He virtually tells her everything except "US" that's him and I.

We've been too attached and fond of each other and he loves me so much but still keeps in touch with the other girl. Recently he's making plans to go see my dad and he told me he'll take me to his family on the 29th of this month. He said he wants to marry me, but he still loves the other girl. Each time I tell him to get rid of her he'll say I should give him time that besides she's just a friend now, but when her call comes in he'll abandon everything he's doing just to answer her call. I really don't understand what he wants, He wants to meet my parents but still has a side chic in his life. Please I need your advice.

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