Monday, 6 June 2016

When You Walk Into A Doomed Marriage Because Prophetess Saw A “Vision”


Hello lovely people! Before I say anything today, I would want to appreciate you for taking out the time to not only read but also share my articles. I have nothing but LOVE for you, thanks a lot. Now, as you know, because of what I do, I get to hear a lot of stories.
Midweek, I heard the story of a girl who lost her job because she had dabbled into spiritism. Of course, she didn’t set out to. It was an innocent probing around of a single girl nearing thirty and was worried about the ex who hadn’t married her.
The prophetesses gave her false hopes, filled her head with yack and she just withdrew from everyone in her office. They were evil, all chasing her like the evil woman who was about to marry her ex she calls ‘soul-mate’. And so one day, she travelled to Port Harcourt on an official training and almost had a heart attack at the sight of the confectionery these hotel people often keep as souvenir for their guests.

She was sure the people the prophetesses had warned her about were out to get her. She prayed and ran to the bathroom where she made the cold bathtub her bed. She couldn’t bear the strange sounds she was hearing in her room. At dawn, she packed her bags and yelled at her manager and turned in her resignation. No, it’s no joke. She spent some time at the Federal psychiatric hospital before she realized she’d just flushed a great job down the toilet. But it was too late.
This interesting week my path crossed with another lady who was going down this same path. My counseling sessions had consisted more of young ladies aspiring to marriage. During a counselling session, this lady revealed information that got me thinking: how many people fall for this kind of scam? How many homes are in turmoil because of this kind of thing?
The lady in question, allegedly, has three suitors. One of them is resident in Germany, the other is a pastor in her church and the third is a gospel artist. In the course of our discussion, I realized she may have taken the men more seriously than they actually were. But that’s a story for another day.
She met a prophetess aunt of hers and told her she was confused. Which of the suitors was right for her? She asked. The prophetess aunt apparently went into prayers and saw a vision of her getting married to the suitor resident in Germany. The other men were deceiving her, the aunt said, confidently. The Germany-based guy was her husband.
At first, I thought it was a joke. But one look into her eyes was enough to convince me of her seriousness. I did my  best to counsel her and after our session together, I believe she got some clarity as to what to do with her life afterwards. There is so much the human mind can handle. What happened to the lady who’d ended up in the mental hospital, can happen to anyone. I told her as much.
But how many more will fall prey to scams like this? It is sad, but many people are literally walking into doomed marriages because someone claimed to see a vision. Some people are living in fear because of false prophesies.
My discovery to this issue simply put is “fear of the unknown” being the main reason we are quick to over-spiritualize everything. The other reason is “ignorance”, especially when it concerns marriage. Does God’s voice change when He wants to lead our hearts to the right suitor? It’s irrational to take up jobs, sign contracts, and make other life-changing decisions unhindered, but then defer to someone else when you have to choose a life partner.
Did you consult God when you were wooing that sister or saying YES to that brother? My guess is you won’t be so confused if God had permitted you to court him/her in the first place. What good is it running from prayer house to prayer house seeking the mandate of someone who isn’t going to be in the marriage with you? The best your pastor can/should do for you is to advise you against/for the purposed marriage. Trust me; you have no idea how many homes these kinds of prophe-lying have destroyed.
I’ve observed that people who come to me for marriage counseling don’t even really know what they are getting into. I am often shocked by the vain reasons that motivate people to get married. Things like “I’ve come of age to marry or I love him/her”
Here’s my point: If you can spend 5-8 years studying a course to do a job that you’ll one day retire from, then it’s only wise for you to take out time as well to read books about marriage because it is a serious institution with NO retirement plan. Marriage will be an integral part of your life once you make that decision to marry.
Thanks for reading and sharing my essays. And thanks to the wonderful lady who permitted me to share her story with the rest of the world, so many others will avoid the mistakes she had made.

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