Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Selfie Madness!!

The lady on the 2nd right.

So I was at this very important event today at the Institute of Management and Technology (I.M.T) where issues on Gender Violence and associated risks was being discussed then this lady in the midst of important dignitaries like the Commissioner on Genders affair Enugu, the Special Adviser to the President on Justice reforms Barr. J.C Ibekaku, DFID reps et el, she brought out her phone and guess what she did?

She was taking a SELFIE right in front of the crowd that came for the event, sitting right next to the representative of the Commissioner for Health. Smh! My jaw dropped!! But the amazing thing about this whole episode was that I think she didn't even realize what she was doing because I had thought that as I was about to take these pictures, I would get her attention but NO WAY!!
I'm wondering how her friends cope with her when they go out on a social event if she's doing this at a very formal event. Lol.

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Feel free to share lets all have a good laugh *wink* 

Photo credit: Vanessa Willie

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