Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mandela Washington Fellowship 2016 Expriences so far........

Other Fellows from all over Africa with the State Senator Bennett

Hey guys, its been a while here, right? My apologies. Its been a crazy busy week. I'm one of the blessed few that were chosen from all over Africa to represent our countries in the United State of America through the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2016. Its been an awesome experience and I'm going to be sharing pictures from the whole process up till this moment. Try not to hate so that what happened to me can happen to you some day. Lol. Enjoy!!

                                     (L-R) Nyasha, David and Hind from Sudan

(L-R) Vanessa Willie, David and Hind

The longest man in the world

(L-R) Senator Scott Bennett and Vanessa Willie

Feinen: The Mayor of the town passing bills

Photo credit: Vanessa Willie

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