Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Lnyxxx's CONVICTIONS about relationships.... Hmmm!!

Remember Lynxxx right? Ok its not news that he's now born-again and already has an album titled "Serve You" that tells his story. But that is not the gist here now, see the picture of what he put on Instagram a while back.

He went further to say "Lets be real... What is a soulmate if he doesn't care about ur soul? What is a soulmate if she constantly leads u to sin? A soulmate should nurture and encourage growth, personal / Spiritual development and be willing to sacrifice at all times while you both walk in purpose.
There's a fine distinct line between casually dating someone and finding a soulmate. You cant be a soulmate and focus on the body.".......
In the light of Lynxxx's convictions, I hear many times these days that abstinence is old fashioned. Some have even shared their experiences on how they married someone without having sex first only to realize after the wedding that they aren't sexually compatible with their spouse.
Question: What do you guys think about Lynxxx's statement?  Is Abstinence old fashioned or not?

Lynxxx photo credit: Bellanaija

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  1. No, its not old fashion rather its discipline and decision.