Saturday, 11 June 2016

Internet romance....Right or wrong?

Has anyone seen this pictures trending on social media? Oh well, it was everywhere a few days back. Apparently the guy who's name is Ibe met the lady on the internet and was trolling the chick for about 2 years not knowing that she'll end up being his bride one day. But the gist hasn't finished oh, at least not as far as my friend is concern.

She implied that bloggers are making internet romance the "in" thing. As if bloggers are promoting the idea of internet dating, in her words "shopping for a spouse on the internet". She also questioned the viability of marriages that come like this and the issue became a heated argument between her and a few other babes who thought nothing was wrong with meeting and marrying someone you met online.
Abeg make una help me quench this fire oh. What do you guys think? Is there really something wrong with "internet romance"?   
By the way, below are more pictures of the newly weds. *wink*